English Friendly Daycare in Shibuya


We are MIRAI LABO KIDS, an English-friendly, very flexible private daycare located near Shibuya station in Tokyo.

Please contact them directly to apply or have any questions.


・Private nursery(認可外保育園):Temporary and regular childcare

・Pre-Japanese school

・Rental space service

※English and French speaker staff available !

▼Opening hours:

・Monday~Friday(8:30~18:00)※Extended childcare(18:00~20:00)

・Saturday, Sunday and Holiday(9:00~18:00)※Extended childcare(18:00~20:00)



5-29-9 102, jungumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

(東京都渋谷区神宮前5-29−9めぐみハイマンション 102)




Run by:MIRAI∞LABO inc.(http://www.mirai-labo8.com/

■Our features:

▼Various services suiting different lifestyles

Time charge ticket childcare

(Service available for weekday, weekend and holiday, from 1h~ within the time that you charged. 3types of ticket:40h, 80h and 160h, available for 3 months)

Temporary(one day) childcare

(Service available for weekday, weekend and holiday, from 2h~)

Regular childcare

(Service available for Monday through Friday regularly)

▼Original method

Facility and curriculum based on brain science and clinical psychology

Main equipments

  • Artificial grass

  • Bouldering wall

  • Flying rings

  • Climbing ropes

  • Only carefully selected toys stimulating children’s imagination etc.

・Different activities provided everyday

  • Monday:Design

  • Tuesday:Foreign language

  • Wednesday:Kids yoga

  • Thursday:Music

  • Friday:Gymnastic

  • Everyday:Art

*Monthly theme is also set such as, dietary education, sound, water, insect etc.


・Different age childcare 

Sometimes being order brother or order sister and sometimes being younger brother or younger sister. It helps children grow in areas of development: social, moral and thoughtful consideration to others.

・Different cultures and international environment

As Shibuya is a city full of diversity, it is the same in our preschool. There are children coming from all over the world and many children have dual nationalities. Children live here an everyday life enjoying diversity.

▼Japanese culture and tradition

We value Japanese culture and tradition through daily life. At every meal, we say together « Itadakimasu » (いただきます) before starting to eat, and « Gochisousamadesu » (ごちそうさまです ) after filling our stomachs. 

At the beginning of month, we visit a shrine to show our gratitude that we feel everyday life and pray for good and healthy life in this month.

Furthermore, there are opportunities that children can experience different Japanese cultures, such as Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy, Japanese summer festival etc,

Through such experiences of Japanese culture and tradition, children are able to broaden their horizons and mind and feel grateful for everyday life. This kind of experiences would be meaningful as « pre-Japanese school » for children coming from overseas.

■Rental space service:

Our nursery is available for rent during weekend.

Available for various ways:birthday party, meetings, welcome and farewell party, seminar, workshop etc.


※Service included:Free wifi, toys, microwave, bluetooth speaker, piano etc.

※For more info→https://peraichi.com/landing_pages/view/mirailabo-space




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